Shipping Rates

Estimated Shipping Rates

For your convenience, we have created a table below to show you our estimated shipping rates. These rates are based on our shipping carriers. Please note that the days and prices are reasonable estimates only – these are provided by the carrier.

* These prices do not include duty or brokerage fees. The buyer is responsible for paying for all country-related fees associated with receiving the package.

Prices are quoted in CAD (Canadian currency).

Shipping Insurance is included in the quoted prices (excluding postal service). Please note, POSTAL SERVICE does not include insurance.

We reserve the right to cancel an order if shipping cannot be accomodated to the buyer’s location. At this time we would provide a full refund to the client if shipping cannot be accomodated.

                 Estimated Shipping Times WSA WSX/WSR WSM WS83
Express      (2-3 business days) $35 $60 $120 $145
Ground       (tracking number – 2-5 days) $12.99 $30 $50 $65
Ground       (No tracking number 4-10 days) $6.99
Express      (2-4 business days) $35 $60 $120 $145
Ground       (tracking number – 4-10 days) $12.99 $30 $50 $65
Ground       ( No tracking number 4 – 12 days) $6.99
Express      (7 business days) $120 $120 $120 $260
Postal Service (no tracking number/insurance) $9.99
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