WS83 Wire Stripping Machine

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Bodine gear motor included!

Quick Specs

Wire gauge range: 16AWG – 1.625DIA
Weight: 30 lbs (rust-free light-weight aluminum)
Estimated Strips/min.: 250 inches/min.
Cutter: tool steel blade
Material: undamaged rubber and plastic insulated wires
Warranty: 60 days

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Product Description

This is a bench top wire stripping machine that is used for removing the plastic and rubber insulation from undamaged scrap wire.
This machine is simple to use! It is light-weight (aluminum-frame) so if you can lift 30lbs, you can lift this machine and position it anywhere you’d like!
The cutter is made of high carbon tool steel. The cutting system is designed to enable the cutter to control depths of cut which prolong its longevity. The cutter can be re-sharpened when needed or new cutters can be ordered on our website anytime.
It will strip wire from 1.625” down to 3/32” in diameter. This is a precision-designed machine to allow precisely controlled movement.


Best Warranty for Wire Strippers: Try this product out and if you are not 100% satisfied return it for a full refund within 30 days. (excludes shipping costs)



Operating Instructions

Please read the Terms and Conditions (warranty inclusive). As stated in the Terms and Conditions, wire stripper machines are dangerous machines and must be used with caution.

Do not hold onto the wire and turn the machine on at the same time. Avoid touching the blade at all times.

1. Make sure machine is off.
2. Using the adjustment guide rail knob on the right hand side, adjust the guide rails to the wire gauge thickness. (wire must slide in and out easily with minimum clearance)
3. Slide the wire through the guide rails until the wire is just underneath the cutting blade.
4. Using the cutter-adjustment knob on the top of the machine, turn the knob while your other hand is moving the wire back and forth along the guide rails until the cutter grabs the wire. (you will feel resistance once the cutter grabs the wire – ensure that you do not have to pull on the wire to remove it from the guide rails)
5. Let go of the wire (DO NOT HOLD ONTO THE WIRE). Turn the motor on, the blade will rotate, grip the wire and pull it through the machine.
5a. If the blade does not grip the wire and pull it through while the drill is on, turn off the drill and push the wire in further, then let go of the wire and turn on the motor.
6. Once the wire is pulled through the machine, turn off the drill and remove the insulation from the copper wire.

General Maintenance (all maintenance must be performed with machine turned off)

Upon visual inspection, if you notice the drive roller is covered in plastic the drive roller needs to be brushed out with a hand wire brush.


Additional Information

Weight 13 kg


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